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April 06, 2015

Six years ago I met Stephen, a college junior from the University of Arkansas majoring in biology. We were both in Costa Rica, participating in a study abroad program focusing on tropical ecology. Despite us both having majored in biology, I continued on to become a dentist, and Stephen has pursued is lifelong passion for photography. With an immediate need for background pics, headshots, and other photos for Supply Clinic, I recently reached out to Stephen to give us a hand.

The goal was to put together the best folder of photography we could. Our most pressing need was background pictures. Until now, we’ve used several of Stephen’s nature photos for backgrounds to certain webpages. Our About Us page, for instance, used a shot of Bolivia as a backdrop. It’s a beautiful picture, but the time came to swap it out for something that felt a little more appropriate for a clinician-focused e-commerce site. We wanted shots that tell our story, and those of our customers and partners. Our ultimate goal is to get shots that reflect our efforts to create a cohesive, inclusive community for our customers. And, of course, we wanted shots of Chicago. 

We got our photos. Stephen has been everything one could possibly ask for in a photographer. He was patient, fast, and thorough. He took plenty of shots of clinics and instruments. He snapped some images of our new home, MATTER, a health tech-oriented workspace in the Merchandise Mart. He got the shots of Chicago. And he even took the time to take headshots of all of our team members.

We hope that as our customers, you get the chance to admire Stephen's eye for esthetics. If you like what you see (anything from landscape shots to highly detailed supplies photos) I encourage you to check out all of Stephen's work at ironsidephotography.com! His work is phenomenal waiting room and clinic decor. We are excited at the prospect of working with Stephen in the future. 



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