Fireside Chat with Dr. Marc Cooper

May 31, 2016

My brother Jacob and I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Marc Cooper, CEO of The Mastery Company. The Mastery Company is a consulting and coaching enterprise which works with dentists, physicians, and senior health executives to lead and deliver within their respective fields. Like myself, Dr. Cooper has specialty training in periodontics, and has a passion for entrepreneurial activity. Dr. Cooper asked us a bit about Supply Clinic, and we had the opportunity to tell a bit more about our story and company. You can listen to our full conversation here.

Talking to Dr. Cooper

Dr. Cooper also invited me to attend his SUMMIT Conference earlier this month. The conference is designed for dentists looking to learn about growing their dental practice and brand, and is a wonderful opportunity to network and learn from those facing similar growing pains. This year’s speakers focused on leadership and company culture – excellent topics of discussion for anyone growing a business, whether it be a dental clinic or an online marketplace for dental supplies.

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