Setting Up for the CDA Conference

August 13, 2015

All the pieces are falling into place, and barring a freak weather occurrence grounding flights to California, Supply Clinic will be out in force at the upcoming California Dental Association conference, Booth #527. We’re ready to introduce dentists to the platform they’ll be using to buy their supplies in the future.

As an online marketplace for dental supplies, Supply Clinic is in large part inspired by conferences like the CDA’s San Francisco one. This conference is an incredible opportunity for dentists to find new, helpful products as well as meet vendors who sell the brand names they already use for lower prices. And for vendors, exhibitions are incredible opportunities to show off their goods to customers and increase their sales.

And there’s no reason the fun should stop on Saturday at 5pm. So we’ve spent the past year signing vendors to sell through our platform- we’ve signed with nearly 50 vendors who collectively sell almost 10,000 items. Our platform offers dentists an increasingly comprehensive, user-friendly way to shop around and buy supplies.

The CDA conference is shaping up to be a fantastic one: pre-registration numbers show over 10,000 attendees, including a mix of dentists, assistants, hygienists, office staff, and students. We’re excited to show off our hard work to all of them.

Oh, and in case we forgot to mention it—we’ll be offering discounts on orders made during the conference, as well as good freebies and even better company.

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Booth #527.

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