Shortening the Dental Supply Chain for the Dentist (and why it matters!)

April 03, 2017

We get one question all the time from dentists: "What makes your website relevant?" 

It's no secret that the dental marketplace is crowded with sales reps, discount warehouses, and independent retailers. There are now more choices than ever for purchasing materials, and it can be really confusing. For dentists, understanding where your products come from and how much you pay for them is critical for your office budget. In other words, you want to maintain a high-quality patient experience with exceptional outcomes at low cost.

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Let's take the example of a sealant, one of the most effective ways to prevent tooth decay. Sealants are manufactured with clear instructions: how to use, how to store, and how long until they expire. Every syringe of sealant makes a long journey from the manufacturer to your dental chair. It's long, arduous, and very expensive. 

The classic sealant supply chain:

Manufacturer makes sealant --> Manufacturer sells sealant to middleman --> Vendor purchases sealant from middleman --> Vendor hires sales reps --> Sales reps sell sealant for commission --> Dental office gets the sealant

If there is one term that comes to my mind when I think about middlemen and wholesalers, it's markup. At every step, the sealant price is marked up, driving up the cost again and again. The patient, the end consumer in this chain, is the one who pays for not only the sealant, but for all of the intermediate steps. Wow. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this is a really abbreviated list. From the manufacturer to the dental office, there are a ton of intermediate steps which I have left out for your sanity's sake. Yes, what I mean is that there are hidden steps at every level, and each hidden step infuses markup.

So we asked ourselves, how about we deconstruct the supply chain and take out the hidden steps? That's how Supply Clinic came into this world, born from our dream of a better future for all - for your sealants and your checkbooks. 

With the option to price compare and shop around, we believe that the dental supply chain should simplified for everyone's benefit. We're looking to cut out many steps from the dental supply chain so that you are purchasing directly from manufacturers or vendors, and ultimately we'll pass on those savings to you.

When the supply chain is simplified, you save. And that's what we're here to do for you.

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