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August 18, 2015

We startup entrepreneurs love to throw around big words, like “entrepreneurs.” Sometimes, we come up with new words, or new meanings for old words, to make our lives easier, and to confuse everyone else. I have taken it upon myself to list just a few common startup words and phrases and explain them, complete with an example, for layman’s use:

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Business model: business.

What’s your business model?
We buy lemons to make and sell lemonade.

Content marketing: blogging. This is actually a very important piece of an online presence today- when search engine optimization is so important, sites with the most content and highest use of keywords will get more traffic. 

Oh, you’re a dental supply marketplace content marketing specialist?
Yeah, I blog for Supply Clinic.

Disrupt: Changing the way a market works. Or putting other people out of business. Could also be applied to any sort of change. Occasionally used unironically.

Dude, that new schwarma place is totally disrupting the local fast food market.
And it’s disrupting the public bathroom next door.

I think the time has come for me to disrupt this conversation.

Game-changer: business.

I heard you’re starting a new business!
Yeah, it’s a real game-changer.

Innovate: I still have no idea what this word means.

I think it’s time for some innovation in this market. You know, do something different.
My, what a fine idea! You truly are a visionary.

Pivot: Change of business model (see business model).

How’s the doctor-related outreach going?
Oh, we pivoted. We don’t sell medical software anymore- we focus on surfer-chic hair conditioner.

Unicorn: This is, as far as I can tell, what people call super successful companies in order to feel better about the fact that their startups went bust right after they put down a full deposit for their office space.

You’re telling me that Instagram took off while your social media venture fell on its face after four years and $15M in funding?
Yeah, man, they’re a real unicorn.

That’s it for the moment. What words am I missing?

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