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August 12, 2015

My brother Scott graduated from Penn Dental several years ago, and almost immediately noticed the painfully outdated and inefficient state of the dental supply market. So he enlisted my help and decided to change it.

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Together, we’ve built Supply Clinic, an online marketplace for dental supplies. Through our site, dentists can shop around and buy supplies from multiple vendors.  We’re closing in on 50 vendors and 10,000 items, all in order to offer dentists the most variety possible and let them buy from as many vendors as they want. We want you to be able to price compare, and find new products, and pick and choose whom you buy from. So we’ve built a platform that lets you do just that.

We’re a young company, and only opened up our site to all users in June. You can read my first blog post about starting up, written six months ago, here. Back then, we didn’t even have toothbrushes on Supply Clinic. Now, we’ve got suppplies ranging from caviwipes to sutures to extraction forceps, and are actively building out new features, including a portal to set up recurring orders. Our mission is to make ordering supplies as simple, transparent, and affordable as possible. 

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We’ll be heading off to the CDA Conference in San Francisco next week, and we’re excited to show you what we got. There will be discounts, and cool freebies, and great company.

Booth #527. Be there.

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