Why We Need Supply Clinic

April 15, 2016

Do you know how much your practice spends on supplies?

Dental offices across the country are facing increased financial stresses in order to stay open and competitive. Smaller boutique dental practices contend with better-capitalized competitors, cost-conscious customers, and rising overhead. Many practice have turned to increased advertising, or working hard to build a loyal clientele. Costs, though, need to be kept in check as well.

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And so it’s becoming more important than ever to keep overhead costs down in order to run a profitable dental practice. Supply costs make up too much of those expenses, and are often the easiest places to start saving.

Just this past week, Dentistry IQ featured an article explaining how to lower to costs of dental supplies. While the article featured some standard tidbits: “you’re buying too much,” and “scrutinize each and every supply invoice,” it also suggests buying through different sources.

And that’s exactly where Supply Clinic comes in. Supply Clinic is the online marketplace devoted exclusively to dental supplies. We let users browse catalog-style to find the products they want, and see which vendors sell those products at the most competitive prices. Users can buy from whomever they want- there are no minimum orders and no contracts. We’re not a phone company.

With over 75 vendors and 20,000 products, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. And even better, Supply Clinic is completely free to use. We take a commission from the vendors, so customers don’t have to pay for this service. In other words, there’s no cost to browsing, no cost to purchasing, and no strings attached.

It’s all right here at supplyclinic.com- the online marketplace for dental supplies.

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