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About Cortex Dental Implants Industries, Ltd.

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Cortex is a global leader in high-quality, innovative dental implants, prosthetics and surgical kits. Founded in 2008 by a group of worldwide expert clinicians, maxillofacial surgeons and opinion leaders in the field of dental implantology, Cortex is committed to answering today’s need for practical, innovative solutions in dental rehabilitation and restoration.

We’ve changed the world of dental implants forever…with world-renowned product lines like Magix, Dynamix and Classix that deliver perfect patient outcomes, every time. Our innovative implant designs are proven to provide superior bio-mechanical strength, increased bone tissue preservation, higher initial stability and improved patient comfort – which means they are a great choice for beginners and experts alike to add to your treatment assortment.

We maintain significant inventory of all our products in New Jersey. Our sales & customer service departments are also headquartered in NY and NJ respectively – which means you can always count on the support you need from us, when you need it.

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