About DiaShine

Supply Clinic vendor based in WA

DiaShine has been considered the benchmark polish by many worldwide industry professionals. In business since 1997, our Seattle based family business grew completely by word of mouth. We specialise in diamond abrasive polish and rotary instruments - the products we manufacture are made in the great Pacific Northwest.

Whether you’re working with ceramics, resins, nano and hybrid materials or polishing chairside, the ideal diamond paste and tools are right here for you.

Touted by professionals across the globe, DiaShine’s proprietary formula ensures less waste and superior results in minimal time. This is achieved through combining a unique carrier (binder) with specific sized & shaped diamond particles. The resulting high-lustre finish speaks for itself.

We import, distribute and manufacture materials and products for use in a variety of professions, with the emphasis on dentistry. Products including Diashine, Diaflex, Compoflex and Lab Sil are made here in the United States. Complete client satisfaction is our goal and we stand behind every product 100%. Contact us today where you will reach a person during work hours.

Shipping Information

DiaShine provides free shipping on all orders greater than $150.00!
DiaShine has a flat shipping rate of $7.24.

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States in which sales tax applies to DiaShine items: WA