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About e Dental Products

Supply Clinic vendor based in TN

Unlike many companies, we focus on only two product categories, dental etch and whitening. Our narrow focus allows us to offer the best quality and the best possible price.
e Dental Products offers premium dental etch as well as whitening products to Dental professionals. Our etch is 37% Phosphoric acid that is available in 6 bold colors. Our etch has an excellent viscosity, has exceptional handling properties, and is viscous enough to stay where it is placed but also flowable enough to easily etch pits and fissures. It is easily removed from the tooth surface. All colors are the same viscosity.

eWhite is the name of our whitening products line. We offer refill syringes at an unbeatable price, and fully assembled kits that include: 2 EVA sheets, retainer case, 4 3ml carbamide peroxide syringes enclosed in an elegant box for the ultimate customer experience.

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e Dental Products provides free shipping on all orders greater than $75.00!
e Dental Products has a flat shipping rate of $6.07.

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