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Supply Clinic vendor based in CA

Like you, we believe that buying the best dental supplies should be quick, convenient, and economical. We optimize choices for dentists and provide quality products at a competitive price. The products we carry, which are all FDA approved and have 510K clearance if required, are used every day by dentists across the United States and abroad with the highest levels of satisfaction. We strongly believe that ‘Saving starts small.’ Instead of offering a rewards program, we keep our prices low all the time. Typically, our customers save between 30% and 55% on every product we carry. By keeping costs low for our dentists since 2005, we have gained trust and credibility as a vendor of inexpensive, high-quality dental supplies. We promise that we will continue working hard for you, searching for products that meet the high standards of dentists today and offering them at the lowest possible price.

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SmartChoice Dental provides free shipping on all orders greater than $100.00!
SmartChoice Dental has a flat shipping rate of $5.12.

Tax Information

As a marketplace facilitator, Supply Clinic collects and pays sales tax from all customers located in the following states: GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, VA

States in which sales tax applies to SmartChoice Dental items: CA

Popular Supplies from SmartChoice Dental

Dynamic Mixing Tips, Red - Package of 500
Quantity: 500 Tips
SmartChoice Dental
Perfect-F VPS Light Body Impression Material Regular Set - 4 Cartridges
Quantity: 4/pk
Han Dae Chemical
#40 .06 Tapered Gutta Percha Points
Quantity: 60/Bx
Core-it Yellow Syringe Kit - Flowable Core Build Up Resin
Quantity: 1 Kit
Han Core Yellow (A3) Dual-cured Core Build Up Composite Resin
Quantity: 2/pk
Han Dae Chemical
Disposable PB Upper Right/Lower Left Quadrant Perforated Impression Trays - 12/bag
Quantity: 12 Trays
SmartChoice Dental
EsCom100 A1 Syringe - Light-Cured Restorative Nano Hybrid Composite Resin, Refill
Quantity: 1 4gm Syringe
Replacement Tips for One Touch Cutter and Trimmer
Quantity: 2/pkg
Perfect-F VPS Heavy Body Impression Material Fast Set - 4 Cartridges
Quantity: 4/pk
Han Dae Chemical
Delikit VPS Medium Body Impression Material Regular Set - 4 Cartridges
Quantity: 4 Cartridges
UC Dental
DenFil Flow Syringe Kit Shade A3 - Light-Cured Radiopaque Flowable Composite Resin.
Quantity: 4 X 2gm Syringes And 20 Tips
EsFlow - A3.5 Syringes. Flowable Light-cured Resin Composite
Quantity: 2 X 2gm Syringe And Tips
Perfect-F Premium Bite Registration, 4pk
Quantity: 4/pk
Han Dae Chemical
Small Upper Full-Arch Perforated Disposable Impression Trays - 12/bag
Quantity: 12 Trays
SmartChoice Dental
Absorbent Paper Points - #25, Taper Size 0.06
Quantity: 100/Bx