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About Holmes Dental

Supply Clinic vendor based in PA

Our company founder, Dr. Shelly Greene, a practicing dentist, believed that patients should be made more comfortable and many dentists could be more efficient. So, in 1975 he founded Holmes Dental to put his beliefs into practice.

Our popular QYK-SET products were created by Dr. Greene and their performance and efficacy have never been equaled.

Holmes is also known for manufacturing other quality products for decades, including our Mirror Wipe system, Sore Spotter, and deMark products for decades.

Nearly 50 years after its inception, Holmes Dental is still a family-owned and operated business and Dr. Greene’s beliefs of providing products to improve a dentist’s efficiency are still the guiding principles of our business.

Shipping Information

Holmes Dental provides free shipping on all orders greater than $125.00!
Holmes Dental has a flat shipping rate of $14.98.

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