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iSonic Inc. specializes in ultrasonic cleaners. We are the largest ultrasonic cleaner distributor in the USA. We carry over 20 different models and offers the widest selection. We offer low prices yet superior quality and performances. Our units are about 50% quieter than competitive models with steel housings. Our medium to large size models cleans up to twice faster than some of the name brands popular in the dental industry. We use stack transducers which are twice more powerful and more durable than wafer transducers used by some of the brand names. We also use individual PCB to control each transducer vs. using one PCB to control multiple transducers by the other manufacturers. These are the reasons that our units are more powerful, cleans more thoroughly and faster. Some of the models also feature touch-sensing controls without physical buttons for better water proof. Lower prices do not necessarily mean cheaper products and lower quality. It's the opposite in our case.

For dental instruments and large labs:

Full size 11"x8" cassettes: P4875(II)

Half size or 6"x8" cassettes: P4862, P4831(II)

Hygienist’s cassettes: P4821 or P4820-SPB25

Counter-sink option:


For small labs:


For multiple patients' dentures, small instruments, chair-side operations:

P4801, P4800, DS300

For individual patient's dentures, retainers, night guards, mouth guards or other dental appliances:

Large pairs of dentures or appliances: D2830

Small pairs of dentures or retainers: F3900

Denture cleaning powder for labs and patients:


Enzymatic tablet for dental instruments:


Optional accessories:

Stainless steel racks and trays for full size to half size cassettes for P4875, P4862, P4831.

Suspendible plastic baskets which can be suspended to drain water for model P4875, P4862.

Indirect cleaning stainless steel tanks for P4875, P4862.

Double beaker holders with two 500 ml beakers and covers for P4875, P4862

Single beaker holder with one 500 ml beaker and cover for P4831, P4821, P4810

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