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About LM Dental

Supply Clinic vendor based in MT

LM-Dental is a dental manufacturer from Finland—the market-leader in Europe—and a part of the Planmeca Group. Here, LM is located in Montana. LM has been passionate about improving the ergonomics of hand instruments and making the daily work of clinicians less strenuous and more convenient.

The company was founded by a dentist, and from the day one LM had firsthand understanding of the needs in dental practices and clinical relevance.

LM’s handles look nice and colorful. LM is the company that introduced colors and color-coding to dental instruments. This happened already back in the 70’s! These handles are not plastic; they are made of a medical-grade silicone, which tolerates higher temperatures than plastic handles. The silicone provides the user with a secure and comfortable grip. Under the silicone, all the way through the handle from tip to tip, runs a light-alloy metal core. This core/structure ensures a great tactile sense and makes the handles nicely rigid. It is the silicone material and the larger handle diameter that drove LM’s slogan “feel the difference.” Try one – you’ll love it.

Shipping Information

LM Dental provides free shipping on all orders greater than $250.00!
LM Dental has a flat shipping rate of $15.51.

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