M.A.R.S. Bio-Med Processes Inc.

About M.A.R.S. Bio-Med Processes Inc.

Supply Clinic vendor based in NY

M.A.R.S. Bio-Med has been leading the amalgam separator industry in advanced technology for over 11 years. We have the goal to not only use our products to save the environment but as well as save our customers from needless overspending

At M.A.R.S., we have always believed that new clients become old clients because of great service and competitive pricing. We encourage customers to investigate the competition and make-up their own minds about the products in question. Our best customers are the ones that have done their homework. We are always so very proud when we get letters from Doctors that have moved away from the M.A.R.S. products and tell us, how after trying one or two of the competitor's units, they are happy to (as one doctor said) come home to M.A.R.S. (Testimonials www.marsbiomed.com)

In the past, large dental suppliers have expressed to M.A.R.S. that they will not carry our products because they cannot make enough, due to the LibertyBOSS being completely maintenance free for up to 3 years.

This is why M.A.R.S. is happy to have found Supply Clinic, a company that shares the same compassion in quality products for a fair price.

Shipping Information

M.A.R.S. Bio-Med Processes Inc. provides free shipping on all orders!

Tax Information

As a marketplace facilitator, Supply Clinic collects and pays sales tax from all customers located in the following states: GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, VA