Microdont USA

Supply Clinic vendor based in NY

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About Microdont USA:

Welcome to the Microdont USA family! We are here to cover your needs for endodontic and dental treatment supplies. If you are a dentist or an orthodontist, then you’ve come to the right place!

We are able to supply you with FDA, ISO CE certified Natural Diamond rotary instruments to equip your office, and to provide all the necessary tools for you to treat your patients safely.

We supply products and tools such as Diamond Burs, Diamond Discs, Abrasive Strips, Composite Polishing Kit, Abrasive Silicon Points, Matrix Products, Air Scalers, Prophy Products, Mandrels, Composite Polishing Kits, Accessories, Polishing and Finishing Kits, and much more. And all that offered at our amazing prices!

Our main goal is to provide you and your patients with high quality products, in order to ensure their oral health care and your success in the dentistry business. Technology and high quality combined offer you the finest materials and the most elaborate tools.

Some things you will learn about Microdont USA are the high ethical standards we have, the responsibility and commitment towards our clients, and the innovative solutions we provide with professionalism and respect towards you all, who honor us with your trust constantly.

Join the Microdont USA family and see with your own eyes. Get a taste of our highly qualified products. Once you do, you will never let go!