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About Plak Smacker / Young Dental

Supply Clinic vendor based in IL

For over 20 years, Plak Smacker has been focused on introducing fun, innovative products to help your patients enjoy their trip to the dental office—at a price you can enjoy. At Plak Smacker, we understand you work hard to create a positive experience for your patients, which is why we aim to create a diverse line of affordable, high-quality products for you and your practice.

Our dedicated team knows each patient is different, and each practice has different needs; whether you are looking for better opportunities to help market your practice, or searching for unique dental supplies that will set your practice apart, Plak Smacker has the products and the prices to provide what you need.

Shipping Information

Plak Smacker / Young Dental provides free shipping on all orders greater than $200.00!
Plak Smacker / Young Dental has a flat shipping rate of $10.29.

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As a marketplace facilitator, Supply Clinic collects and pays sales tax from all customers located in the following states: GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, VA

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