About PPE M Plus, LLC

Supply Clinic vendor based in PA

PPE M Plus LLC (www.ppe.mplus.us) was created by 4 industry veterans with years of experience in importing, sourcing,
merchandising, sales and marketing. When the pandemic started earlier this year, our overseas team was able to rapidly source and
supply FDA/CDC approved PPE products for our Healthcare System, Government, Assisted Living, Nursing home clients and more.
As a direct importer (no middlemen between us and the factory), with low overhead, we are nimble and can react quickly to changes
in the marketplace. Depending on client needs, we can either ship via ocean or via air to the US.

• Executive Director of a State Dental Association praised our efforts as we supplied N95’s for many of the Dental/oral surgery
practices in their State.

Shipping Information

PPE M Plus, LLC provides free shipping on all orders greater than $1,200.00!
PPE M Plus, LLC has a flat shipping rate of $10.00.

Tax Information

As a marketplace facilitator, Supply Clinic collects and pays sales tax from all customers located in the following states: GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, VA