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About Sani-Vend

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Our hand sanitizers come with a rich formula of up to 80% alcohol content. This high alcohol content is effective in killing the germs and bacteria on the spot when you use Sani Vend hand sanitizer. Additionally, this rich formula helps you stay guarded against these threats when you walk through or touch surfaces that are breeding ground for the same disease-causing agents.

All of our products are made with the highest-quality materials available, ensuring that you get the highest quality hand sanitizers on the market. Multiple-size packaging helps to ensure that you have a hand sanitizer amount that serves you well on the go, at home, in your office, or in medical environments.

Our hand sanitizers kill up to 99.99% of all disease-causing germs, ensuring that you and your loved ones stay safe from disease-causing organisms in your environment. This sanitizer works effectively for people of all ages except infants. Now you can sanitize on the go easily to ensure that you stay protected.

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