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The name SS White" is synonymous with dentistry in the United States. The glorious history of SS White" Burs began in 1844 when Samuel Stockton White opened up his business in Philadelphia, PA.

The growth of SS White" is directly related to Dr. White's determination to improve his chosen profession. He encouraged doctors to communicate ideas freely with him, resulting in many innovations and a business philosophy that is the foundation of the company, even today.

SS White" continues to bring high quality products to market enabling practitioners to work more accurately and precisely,and to maximize comfort and quality for each and every patient who enters a dental office. The enthusiasm of Dr. White exists in each and every employee still today as we continually work toward creating innovative products which will advance dentistry.

Clinical collaboration is the fundamental building block that SS White has undertaken in the design and development of our CORE Endodontic line of innovative dental products. Value is placed in the skill, knowledge and partnership that has been forged with some of today’s leading endodontists, to develop instruments that support new ideas in dentin conservation with respect to the root canal anatomy, focusing on the preservation of healthy dentin, while creating more effective and efficient procedures, resulting in restorations that can last a lifetime.

SS White has been inspired to Changing Dentistry for the Better…Again™ by the dedication that you have shown, and the partnership that has developed with you, to create better patient outcomes, benefitting practitioner and patient alike.

SS White's® Endodontic Solutions provide the most minimally invasive shapes to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible, while providing greater safety, strength, and flexibility in negotiating canals. Performing root canal treatments that provide better restorative options will generate longer-life restorations,
more satisfied patients and a growing practice.

At SS White, we appreciate the skill and artistry clinicians around the world put forth daily to create more beautiful and long lasting dental restorations. Our passion is in the development of dental instruments that in design, create a partnership with the clinician to assist in the achievement of creating a more beautiful smile.

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