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As a dental professional, what is the biggest complaint that patients with orthodontic wires, bridges, implant All-on-Xs, and bonded retainers have? THEY CAN’T FLOSS! Literally, they say that they cannot floss. Am I right?

Blue loop floss threaders are a pain, and super-floss is fine ... until the hard tip softens and frays and a new one must be used. And don't even get me started about how difficult (and sometimes impossible) it is to line up and push the stiff end under posterior bridges/wires.

How many times have asked your you floss regularly? ... and they answer "I try, but some areas are just too difficult!"

Let's face it, flossing under orthodontic wires, bonded retainers, bridges, or implant All-on-Xs can be a real pain in the teeth (literally). It's difficult to position the floss and it's easy to miss spots when you're trying to floss by hand. But, as you well know, not flossing properly is more than just a nuisance. It can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, implant loss, and most commonly, bad breath.

That's where The AutoFlosser comes in. Our unique design is specifically designed to thread (insert) floss easily through those difficult tight areas and reach all the hard-to-reach spots that regular flossing can't.

The AutoFlosser is not your average "common" flossing aid. It has a unique, ergonomic, and simple design that will make your patient look forward to flossing. It is also uber easy to use.

Your patients deserve to have stellar oral health, and the AutoFlosser is just the tool that they have been longing for.

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