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Supply Clinic vendor based in FL

US Dental Depot is an industry-leading company for dental supplies and medical equipment. Over time, its available inventory has been increasing steadily and it is now serving dental practices and medical labs with clinic supplies such as Injectable Anesthetics, Dental cement, Ortho resins, and disposable hygiene supplies. US Dental Depot is also offering dental implant related supplies. It sells a wide range of PPE such as masks, air suction units, bactericides, and Gloves. Lastly, US Dental Depot also offers medical equipment that you can commonly find in an increasing number of dental practices such as defibrillators & training AEDs.

The company was founded in 2005 and transformed into US Dental Depot Inc in 2007 which Headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA.
US Dental Depot Inc is committed to offering professional service to dental professionals and providing optional brands of high-quality products at competitive prices. Over 65 leading dental manufacturers worldwide are selling their supplies via US Dental Depot. With years of experience in the dental profession, dental laboratory, and dental industry, US dental Depot's intention is to build strong relationships with customers, creating complete confidence in both dental knowledge and around-the-clock support network. Being a valued customer of US Dental Depot has always been an unparalleled experience. Their main priority has always been to treat our customers with the respect and personalized attention that they deserve, making purchasing supplies and equipment easy and quick. Their inventory, efficient purchasing department, and strength in bulk purchasing allow them to provide products with the best prices and in a reliable time frame. Everything they do is focused on service to our customers. US Dental Depot is slowly reaching its goal of being a trusted advisor and consultant, offering customers the tools and expertise to run their business in the most efficient and profitable ways possible.
Dr. Marcos B. Pesci with irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit grew US Dental Depot Inc into a thriving enterprise based on the belief that affordable, high-quality merchandise and excellent customer service were the building blocks of a successful business. Today the company remains committed to serving our customers, supplier partners, investors, society, and the US Dental Depot Team firmly believe that our best years are yet to come.

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Den-Med provides free shipping on all orders greater than $100.00!
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As a marketplace facilitator, Supply Clinic collects and pays sales tax from all customers located in the following states: GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, VA

States in which sales tax applies to Den-Med items: FL